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I recently had one of my trumpets modified to add an extra bell and a quarter-tone mechanism, and I'm extremely excited about all the possibilities this instrument offers. To explore the capabilities of this horn, I'm launching a call for scores for works for solo trumpet, open to all composers with no entry fee. In addition, a number of winning selections will be performed on a solo recital and composers will receive video recordings of the performances, and I will make audio recordings of all other submissions within a reasonable timeframe established following the close of the call (dependent on the number of pieces).





March 1, 2022 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time



by May 31, 2022



  • This call is open to all composers and has no entry fee.

  • One submission per composer.

  • Submitted files (scores and optional audio files) must be ANONYMOUS with all identifying data removed from both the content of the files and the filenames/metadata. Please test your links to ensure your files are able to be viewed and downloaded.

  • Works should be written for unaccompanied Bb Trumpet and preferably make use of the double-bell and/or quarter-tone modifications in some capacity, which can be seen here:

  • Electronics may be used (fixed or live); I have a pickup mute I can use with the second bell for live processing in Max/MSP or another application.

  • Winning selections will receive a live performance in a solo recital tentatively planned for Fall 2022, and composers will receive a video recording of the performance.

  • All other submissions will be recorded (audio-only) within a reasonable timeframe dependent on the number of entries—I'll be in touch once the call closes and submissions are evaluated.

  • Works should be no longer than 8 minutes (beyond this I can't guarantee a recording without a delay!)



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